Lee Manor Society

Lee Manor Conservation area


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Who are we?
Lee Manor Society was established to stimulate interest in the Lee Manor Conservation Area in the London Borough of Lewisham.

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Our Constitution?


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Included in the area are the Manor House, Library and Gardens, the River Quaggy, an Ice House, two Primary Schools, a Church, Railway Station, Pub, Lochaber Halls and several parades of shops. Where is the Conservation Area?
It stretches from Old Road down to Lee Station and from Manor Lane to Burnt Ash Road. It forms part of the ancient Manor of Lee. Click here to view map
So what do we do?
We encourage people to play an active part in the conservation of the area and work with other amenity societies to improve the built and natural environment.

We participate in the planning process,suggesting or opposing amendments to planning applications in order to“maintain or enhance” the character of the area.

All residents are welcome and there is no formal membership or subscription. Write to us with your email address and join our distribution list. We respect your privacy and will not disclose your details to others. Read our GDPR Policy here

How can I take part?
The Society meets every month usually at a member’s home.
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More about the Conservation Area here

Click here to read the Lee Manor Conservation Area Character Appraisal published in June 2008